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Laser Epіlyatsіya MOVEO in Kharkivі – hair vision WITHOUT PAIN.

Moveo Laser - Leader in Removing Unwanted Hair

  • We specialize in laser hair removal, so we know everything about hair removal.

  • Our specialists are constantly undergoing additional training and professional development.

  • We have the most modern equipment that undergoes maintenance on time.

  • We use the most modern disinfectants and disinfectants to process equipment.

  • All auxiliary materials are disposable only.

  • We do not save impulses during procedures.

Laser Hair Removal Kharkiv Prices

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Laser Hair Removal Kharkiv Prices1 session
Upper lip Лазерная Эпиляция Днепр Верхняя Губа
Armpits Лазерная Эпиляция Днепр Подмышки
Bikini line Лазерная Эпиляция Днепр Бикини по линии
Deep bikini Лазерная Эпиляция Днепр Глубокое бикини
Shins Лазерная Эпиляция Днепр Голени
Legs completely Лазерная Эпиляция Днепр Голени
Laser Hair Removal Kharkiv Prices1 session
Neck in front190
Back completely650

Moveo Laser is the first salon in Kharkov, which started to carry out laser hair removal. Our goal : help people to be beautiful. To achieve the goal, we attract the best specialists, use reliable and high quality equipment.

In our salon you can plunge into a cozy and pleasant atmosphere of peace, relax and feel at home. Friendly, responsive and attentive staff will help you choose suitable service. You can also contact our specialists for help. If you are before have not done laser hair removal, you can check with the employee how best to prepare for get the maximum desired result.

Modern technology for diode hair removal

Laser hair removal is, first of all, high-quality and reliable laser devices. And therefore we only use new, best and proven epilation devices, tracking novelties in this area and constantly updating our equipment.

A new high-quality DEKA laser is available in our Moveo Laser salon. He performs a laser epilation using Moveo technology, which eliminates practically any restrictions. Thanks to this you can forget about any unpleasant sensations, fears, you will feel as comfortable as possible. Also, such a procedure is available for people with any skin and color. hair.

Getting ready for laser hair removal

And although diode laser hair removal is only a cosmetic procedure, it still requires little preparation. The rules are quite simple, among them:

  • Do not drink fluoroquinolones, antibiotics (tetracycline group). Drugs should be excluded two weeks before the drugs.
  • You need to exclude visiting the solarium, avoid sunbathing in direct sunlight 2 weeks before procedures.
  • Do not use deodorants, lotions three days before and within 3 days after depilation or any other product that contains alcohol.
  • No other types of depilation should be carried out for 3 weeks (exception: you can shave).
  • Before the procedure, it is necessary to shave the area of ​​the body where you want to carry out the diode laser hair removal. But do not use gels, deodorants or other similar cosmetic facilities.

Before the procedure itself, our specialist will advise you, and also appoint a schedule when you will be able to come again.

Choosing care after diode laser hair removal

Diode laser hair removal is a gentle procedure that maximally excludes irritation and redness. Nevertheless, it is worth considering some effect on the skin, and therefore should be as much as possible exclude alcohol-based cosmetics.

After depilation within 2 weeks it is worth giving up tanning, sunbathing, solarium. Also, if the sun cannot be avoided, use a sunscreen before going out. the street.

You should also be careful with water for 2 days after the procedure. It is impossible take a hot bath, shower, visit the sauna. Open bodies of water, swimming pools should be avoided.

To recover faster after depilation, you can use special creams such as "Bepanten" or "Panthenol". These drugs are readily available at the pharmacy.

You can also ask a specialist about care after diode laser hair removal.

Contraindications to laser hair removal

The procedure for diode laser hair removal in Kharkov is available to everyone, just contact the Moveo salon Laser when it comes to the financial side. But there are some restrictions if you have current health problems and are undergoing any medical procedures. Contraindications to diode laser hair removal are:

  • Oncology
  • Infections
  • Diseases related to the immune system
  • Diabetes mellitus requiring insulin intake
  • Blond and gray, vellus hair
  • Diseases related to skin
  • Pregnancy and lactation

Surgical hair removal performed less than 3 months ago may be a limitation. operation. Remember that beauty should not harm your health in any way, which will also be confirmed in any beauty salon in Kharkov, where they always take care of their customers. You no problem you can make an appointment for any date in the Moveo Laser salon. We are located in Kharkov, You can reach us in any way convenient for you.

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